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Shunyata Records is delighted to present their debut various artist album. Shunyata is a Sanskrit word which literally means emptiness, voidness, openness, spaciousness, or vacuity. It is an ancient India's concept which has multiple meanings depending on its thinker. Shunyata is not limited at all. In world's one of the most ancient texts, The Great Vedas, Shunyata often refers to the not-self nature of the five aggregates of experience and the six sense spheres. It is also often used to refer to a meditative state. According to the mystics, the white or black magicians and the keepers of the power, it is the only known process of merging into the universal particle. Shunyata simply means 'ZERO' in mathematics.. India's one of many great contributions to the world.

This gives an insights into the deepest levels of mathematical symmetry. The entire world including all shapes are based on symmetry, The most symmetrical geometric form is a sphere as all points equidistant from a point in three-dimensional space.
Scientists concluded that the universe began in perfect symmetry as a point that exploded into a sphere of plasma. As the infant universe expanded, the primordial sphere cooled, and matter condensed from the plasma to form the first particles, then atoms, gas clouds, and stars. At some point the original symmetry of the universe was broken; the resulting asymmetries appear to be the result of random shifts analogous to mutations during evolution. Today physicists are recreating samples of this primordial spherical plasma to determine the degree to which the universe retains traces of its original symmetry, and its all based on Zeros and Ones.

Artwork By
Shane Tannion (Psynusoidal Waves)

Mastering Engineer- Skyhighatrist

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Compiled by: Shunyata Records

''Sound Is The Only Truth'


released May 10, 2016



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